Textiles in India by Mary Burks

6 08 2014

This winter on a tour with Mawai to India I had the opportunity to experience textiles that were remarkable.


It was amazing to see whole communities involved in some aspect of a particular process. We visited villages where weaving was king, where wood blocks were produced…


Where fabric was dyed and laid out in the sun to dry…


I saw embroidery work that was unimaginable in its detail…


It was an overwhelming trip, rich in inspiration and content. It has left me so bewildered about where I go next with my own journey with textiles that I have had to step away from the studio for awhile and think. Looking at the magnificent work being done for generations makes me aware that I will never be able to do production work again and that the only way to honor what I have experienced is to truly do one of a kind pieces that reflect who I am and what matters to me, that I really have to listen to my own voice and project that voice through the textiles. Finally I have been able to go back to the studio and to begin to create. I was struck by the doors and windows and courtyards that I saw in India and I am looking at the concept of doors and windows as means to create boundaries, and as a means of traveling back and forth through them to other worlds. At least seven new pieces are awaiting stitching. I am excited…

– Mary Burks

Members’ Gallery

30 06 2014


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